Proudly serving and observing
Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick


Block Magazine Mission Statement

• Block Magazine is a free news and arts magazine that delivers passionate, creative and complete coverage of the community in which it is published.

• Its goal is to embody the character, the voice, and the spirit of its readers because their block is unique.

• Block Magazine is a versatile source that gives communities a place to read, write, and learn about themselves.

• Block Magazine balances hard news reporting with creative literary journalism.

• Through in-depth features, community discourse, extensive art and music coverage, original games and cartoons, comprehensive event listings, and charitable causes, Block gives its readers defined and diverse sections in which to explore and embrace their neighborhood.

• Block strives to ignite youth involvement in the community with its innovative design and creative cultural content that will expose them to the history of the neighborhood and excite them to participate in its future.

• As a community magazine Block supports aspiring journalists, artists, and activists by offering them the opportunity to exercise, contribute, and develop their skills to help launch successful careers.

The Sections of Block Magazine


All Ears is a forum dedicated to community opinions, letters, editorials and announcements. This section gives community residents, leaders and activists a place to voice their concerns and celebrate their neighborhood.

• THE YOU: What. When. Where. And Why.

The coverage of community news is a central part of Block Magazine. Community news directly relates to and affects its readers on an individual level and Block Magazine understands that ‘The Who?’ in every story is our readers. ‘The You’ is a section dedicated to covering every aspect of community news in a timely, comprehensive and objective approach.


Neighbor profiles the many people, places and organizations that make up a community. It enables Block Magazine to look further into the history of lives, locations and businesses that nourish the neighborhood.


Each issue Block Magazine designates space for creative and expressive coverage of the community: history, art, people, places, activities, institutions, issues, events and more. Incorporating literary journalism, the feature allows Block Magazine to more deeply explore elements of the neighborhood.

• CIRCLE: A Better Place to Be

Inspired by the prolific life, work and music of Harry Chapin, CIRCLE is Block Magazine’s charity as well as a section in the magazine. Circle recognizes the people and places within the community that make this world ‘a better place to be’. CIRCLE is ‘the charity for charities’, sponsoring, supporting and raising funds for the many different types of causes and organizations that help sustain a neighborhood.


This section covers neighborhood dining and nightlife, a look at the many fun places to eat, drink and play within a community. From restaurant profiles to recipes, bar hopping to the latest coffee craze, Eat. Drink. Play. is where neighborhoods can indulge in their own local delights.

• UPROAR: Only Your Music

Music is at the center of every community, uniting and celebrating the neighborhood. Uproar highlights the music of a community, the many faces and places that make it so unique. The diverse variety of music that exists within a neighborhood can be found in Uproar through artist profiles and interviews, venue commentary, concert reviews and updates, special events and more.

• CANVAS: The Arts

A neighborhood is like a canvas, and attains much of its vibrant color from local artists, galleries, boutiques, craftsman and designers who collectively adorn the community. Canvas profiles, highlights and examines these people and places, celebrating their vital and inspirational roles.

• STREETLIGHT: Turning You On

With so many daily events and community happenings Block Magazine makes it easy for everyone in the neighborhood to know what’s going on where. Streetlight is a comprehensive listings guide and calendar that organizes the diverse activities of a community in a fun and effective manner, turning residents on to new and exciting things to see and do: music, nightlife, the arts, community meetings and more.


Open Mag is Block’s version of an Open Mic, where the ‘magazine’ is the ‘microphone’. It’s a section where the community can express itself; a place where local poets, painters, photographers, all types of local artists can publish and showcase their work.


The Free Page is essentially a coupon page, a page where neighborhood shops and services can give things away for free or at a discount. It’s a page that offers neighborhood businesses a chance to show off their stuff, and the community the opportunity to sample it. It may be the perfect option for a local business as it is a creative and cost effective method of advertising.