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Block Street Box Ad

Block Magazine can help with all of your advertising and promotional needs!

To inquire about Block Magazine ad rates and issue deadlines contact us at:
The Block Office: 718.388.7577
Email us at:

Block Magazine Ad Sizes:

Full page: 12 tall x 9" wide
Half page (horizontal): 5.5 tall x 9" wide
Half page (vertical): 10.5 tall x 4.25 " wide
1/4 page (traditional): 5.5 tall x 4.25" wide
1/4 page (horizontal): 2.5 tall  x 8.5" wide
1/8 page: 2.5 tall x 4.25 wide
Back cover: 12 tall x 9" wide

File Specifications:
The following file formats are accepted: TIF, EPS (with fonts included or converted to outlines), and JPEG. All files must be at least 200dpi. If sending an EPS or Quark document, please put all fonts, images, and files into one folder before using Stuffit.

Block Magazine Advertising Mission:

Block Magazine advertising works with you and for you. As the most reliable community magazine in Northern Brooklyn, Block’s loyal and diverse readership responds to the ads they see as they value the businesses published within Block Magazine, as it is their trusted community guide.

Our design staff will work with you to create the exact ad you envision to endorse your business in the most creative and effective manner. Block Magazine does not charge for ad design as we feel all businesses, big and small, should have the same opportunity to publish the most intelligent, professional and successful ad possible.

The magazine is distributed every month and that means that every month you have the option to revise your ad or publish a new one. This stems from Block Magazine’s belief that good advertising must be flexible advertising, the ability to stay fresh and fashionable in the eye’s of your readers is essential and the Block Magazine staff makes that a reality for everyone through its support and vision

Block Magazine extends two color options to its advertisers. Depending on your type of business, the style of your promotion, and your advertising goals, choosing to advertise in “black and white” or “full color” is a decision that Block can help you make. Both styles can be effective forms of advertising and Block vows to use both options to the maximum of their abilities to make your ad the best that it can be.

Block Magazine also offers a fun and functional form of advertising in a section called “The Free Page”. The Free Page is essentially a coupon page, a page where you can give things away for free or at a discount. It’s a page that offers neighborhood businesses a chance to show off their stuff, and the community the opportunity to sample it. This may be the perfect option for your business as it is a creative and cost effective method of advertising.

To inquire about Block Magazine ad rates and issue deadlines contact us at:
The Block Office: 718.388.7577
Email us at:

Block Magazine looks forward to helping you promote your business throughout the Brooklyn communities.

Block Magazine Distribution:

Block Magazine distributes 8,000 free magazines every month; with a pass on rate of 3 readers yielding 24,000 unique readers per month.

Block Magazine distributes in over 350 bars, restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, banks, video stores, music venues, galleries, schools, supermarkets, and the many other community buildings and organizations throughout North Brooklyn. Block Magazine is also distributed at major Brooklyn events throughout the year such as film festivals, street fairs, political and social rallies, flea markets, concerts and promotional parties.

Our readership consists of artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, retail and business owners, activists, young newcomers, long-time residents, politicians, tourists, as well as Spanish, Polish, Italian, and Hasidic neighbors.

The main areas of saturation are Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick, Brooklyn.