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Vaudeville Oddities

While Williamsburg may get criticized for its entrenched hipsterism, it has spawned a subculture beyond the boundaries of the stereotype branded by big-name labels—even if some of them now grace the area. The ever-evolving style on its streets has taken a turn toward Vaudeville: a unified aesthetic with an emphasis on music and visual art, with a penchant for the sideshow and an embrace of the second-hand find.

Fashion frontrunners that take this philosophy to heart are the independent boutiques Love Brigade Co-op and Treehouse, which offer a forum for local indie designers to gain inspiration and showcase their craft. Above all, these boutiques allow their customers to shop over the top; in this case, over the big top.

Handpicked from the racks and spotlighted in the center ring are local labels Desira Pesta, Dear Birthday, Love Brigade, Bobbi Clothes, Sirius, Domestic Construction, and Brains on Fire.

David Delp: Entering Wburg tee: by Brains on Fire (Love Brig.)
Corinne Andrews: Vest: by BB Dakota (Pop)
Desira Pesta: Postmodern Antique Tunic by Desira Pesta (Personal)
Danielle Parish: Stripe Tee by Love Brigade (Love Brig)
Stripe Shorts by Feral Childe (Treehouse)
Boutiques: Love Brigade/Treehouse/POP

Vanessa Cleary on the Swing
Romper by Dear Birthday
Feather Comb: Samantha Sleeper
Boutique: Treehouse

David Delp with the Nose
Vest by Desira Pesta
"X" Tee by Love Brigade
Boutiques: Designer's personal archives/Love Brigade

Danielle Parish- Rescued Antique Lilac Dress by Sirius
Boutique: Treehouse
Corinne Andrews- Collar Dress by Domestic Construction
Boutique: Treehouse
Desira Pesta- Pink Dress by Bobbi Clothes
Boutique: Treehouse
David Delp: Vest: Desira Pesta (personal)
Rocket tee: Treehouse

Boutiques to find the fashion:

430 Graham Ave.
Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11211
(718) 482-8733

Love Brigade
230 Grand St.
Williamsburg Brooklyn 11211

308 Grand St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211-4407

Producer/Stylist: Ellis Dixon
Photographer: Raymond Yeong
Make-up Artist: Romina Campagnale
General Assistant: Megan Battista
Special Thanks to: Montgomery Street Gardens for allowing us the space for the shoot

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